Pursuit of excellence, sincere service ", is the pursuit of perfection all the staff, the pursuit of business value realization of a high degree of generalization, the company embodies the staff to meet the challenges of the market economy, toward a higher, bigger, newer goal of the ambitious aspirations, including the establishment of a modern enterprise system and consistent with the modern sense of service, employees of the large numbers of the market economy business relationships with customers new understanding, fully demonstrated the staff provide the community with electricity, rely on true services to win market report on the ideological level of society. optimism is a positive state of mind determines our success or failure of important conditions. positive frame of mind include determination, ambition, initiative, enthusiasm, love, learning, self-confidence, self-discipline, tenacity, and adhere to . optimism is the driving force, is arranged, is the ability to change the sense of balance. difficulty is the inevitable way forward, the face of difficulties, we should always maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.
 Enterprise reform will inevitably involve the personal interests of employees, faced with the adjustment of personal interest, as a business owner, the staff if they can not maintain a positive attitude, will inevitably result in the development of the whole enterprise is not a small obstacle. Regardless of how the external environment we live in complex, enterprise can not exist a negative attitude, but not complaining, weary depression, cynicism, and to actively develop our vision for a better and immediate action. Team in common with his optimistic attitude to the interaction.
Only positive and optimistic people, dared to face the true self, to face the reality, not afraid of difficult, courageous challenge. Optimistic attitude in their work mainly in active work, passion and work, work with confidence, self-discipline and tenacity to work to work.
 The concept of change is a constant. Everything in the world are in constant motion, change and development process, no change, no development. Change is the essential character of things; change, it is the basic form of market economy. The enterprises, facing the changing environment, the market rules of the game is changing, policy changes, changing customer needs, competitors, business is changing ... ... being in this rapidly changing, and actively adjust the enterprise resource allocation, the change in access to new development. Response to change, dare to explore, be creative to survive in the changing, the change and development, the initiative to adapt to change, affecting the environment, and strengthen the body's immune system, improve the enterprise's comprehensive strength, expanding scope, the formation of teams type, learning organization body.
 Optimistic about the strain, not the outside world as a helpless to cope with change, but an active and enterprising spirit, is a variable degree of ability to control the situation, so that changes in the outside world as an opportunity to make changes in their driving force and source of development . The face of ever-changing market, changing the world, a good business, should dare to change their habits, from the enterprise, managers and staff from the heart, not only willing to accept change, but also be willing to take the initiative to change.
Business change and innovation, by no means negate the past, but in the existing forms of enterprises, corporate philosophy, and enterprise system based on the discard can no longer promote their development components, and those who still continue to support the business forward as well as the factors should continue to develop. We will never change to change, all changes and persist in both corporate strategy should be based on strategy above all else. Change is a means of business development, not the ultimate goal.
For an enterprise, it must enhance an ability to learn from practice, an innovative awareness and spirit of service, which is the source of our progress is our invincible magic competition. Innovation and ability to learn, is a manifestation of wisdom. There is not enough light optimism, blind optimism and not for the benefit of our company. We emphasize the rational optimism, stressing wisdom. We should labor-intensive enterprises to management-oriented enterprises to change, we need to experience-based management to scientific management changes, and on this basis to achieve our goals and vision established, then wisdom is essential point. Our optimism, to meet the changes and challenges of the outside world, the wisdom of the decisions we achieve our goals.
"Pursuit of excellence, sincere service, optimistic strain, wisdom, and strengthen the country" spirit of enterprise is the company's overall image quality and overall reflection.

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