Brand-new high speed9-color intaglio printing machines

Desiccated complex machine
Full automatism seven color high speed color printing machine with company ccortrol
High-speed Slitting Machine
High-speed quality inspection machine
??Printing: The company has advanced 8, 9-color printing, with superior performance, automatic color set-bit computer system, the printing speed of 200 meters per minute.
??Composite: In order to meet a number of specific packaging needs, complex process need to adopt a special compound to compound with two or more substrates, the company has advanced high-speed dry laminating machine, tape machine, producing all kinds of different structures high-quality composite products, such as: OPP / CPP, OPP / VMCPP, PET / CPE, PET / AL / CPP, PET / AL / NY / CPE, NY / LLDPE, etc..
??Cutting: After printing compound packing material aging, will the size of the customer specified cut into small rolls, slitting process required a certain expertise and experience to produce a smooth high-speed application in the automatic packaging machine using the product.
??Gum of money: The company has more than wet paper and plastic laminating machine, embossing functional production of chewing gum, in packaging, candy cigarettes and a variety of hand paper inner bag, twist bag chocolate machine outside carton.
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